New portable 5m long EV Charging Cable with in-line EVSE charging device 10amp 240v. Plug in to home socket - no other specialist equipment needed. Comes with electric display smart charger, with full LCD display (not just some flashing lights).


Just simply connect this cable between any standard 3 pin plug socket and a vehicle with a Type 1 socket to recharge the car's battery. You can use it to charge at home, or handy to pack with you if you want to charge it when you are visiting anyone who doesn’t have an EV charging point.

We are confident in the product so it comes with 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. In addition FREE CARRY CASE + FREE POSTAGE.


Charger protects from over-heating, over-current, leakage protection, over-voltage and lightening protection. The charger communicates with your vehicle for safe, efficient charging. In line charger (EVSE) regulates charge and indicates charge status, portable so be taken with you and used to charge your vehicle from any normal UK 13amp 3-pin socket

Type 1 plug/gun for the vehicle end (J1772). The Type 1 connector comes complete with rubber cover for when not in use, to keep it in good condition. Each pin inside the connector is also insulated with its own plastic covering.

Thick high-quality cable completely weatherproof and both TUV and CE certified plug.

High strength cable, resists being driven on by a vehicle.


Please note, this charger is only compatible with vehicles requiring type 1 charging. If you are unsure we recommend you check your car handbook, or m