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So how do you navigate through the maze of options for EV chargers and choose the right one for your needs? There appear to be so many choices; Type 1 or Type 2 charger, 16 amp, 32 amp, J1772, mennekes connectors, all with varying kwh properties, what a total headache! We've made it easy for you - just pick your vehicles manufacturer from the list below and decide which product you are after, simple.

Bringing power to our electric vehicles in Europe

The market for electric vehicles is certainly on the rise...

Whether you have a fully electric or hybrid vehicle the benefits are numerous; economical, environmental, feel good factor, whatever motivates you to drive your car, our mission is to ensure that it is always "Fully Charged". We simply want to take the headache out of picking the right accessories or charging cables for your vehicle and make sure it arrives in perfect condition and as quickly as possible. We have made picking the right charging accessories for your vehicle as easy as possible.

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Paul B.

Zoe, Renault

Works Perfectly with Zoe and better quality than the Renault cable.


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